Candidate Testimonials

CMO, Germany

“You were incredibly informative and attentive. I felt very supported going into the interview. I genuinely felt you were sincerely committed to finding the right fit for both parties. Honestly, considering previous experience with headhunters from the hiring side I would highly recommend you in the future.”


VP Sales, Denmark

“It was a very good, professional collaboration with all of you. The recruiting process was handled in a very professional, confidential manner. I was very pleasantly surprised you took the time to engage with me afterwards and appreciated your in-depth interview feedback.”


Global Marketing Director, Hong Kong

“You had a deep and excellent knowledge and understanding of your client and their needs and therefore expertly looked for the right long-term match at both the skill level but also personal fit. I was particularly impressed by your support every step of the way.”


Business Development Director, UK

“Your work is built on integrity and transparency and it’s clear you have genuine empathy for people.”


EMEA Head of Innovation, Ireland

“The Alternatives Elect team guided me through a rigorous interview process. With the help of the amazingly warm and professional team at Alternatives Elect, I was recently successful in securing a role in a global company in the food industry. I would highly recommend them as search partners.”


CFO, Amsterdam

“Their invaluable advice, constant communication and encouragement gave me confidence throughout the long interview process. I would strongly recommend Alternatives as a recruitment partner to any organisation or professional”