Leaders for Growth

We are in the midst of a digital and data revolution that is impacting on all areas of our businesses. It’s a critical inflection point and successful transformation requires dynamic senior management and subject experts with the right skills sets and experience in this rapidly evolving landscape.

Finding these transformative leaders however is not self-evident. It is not enough to take a traditional approach of sourcing them from the limited talent pool of obvious competitors and industries. We need to be creative in looking within, but also beyond Ireland, and into unexpected companies and industries.


Alternatives Elect is the global executive search arm of the Alternatives Group.

Alternatives Elect is the executive search arm of the award winning Alternatives Group. We build senior leadership teams, drawn from the best of Irish and global talent, in the rapidly evolving and converging areas of marketing, digital, data, analytics, product, innovation and strategy.

We find senior management and subject matter experts who embrace disruption, devise new customer centric strategies, deliver insight through data, innovate, open new markets, bring fresh thinking and ultimately build successful brands & businesses.

We combine our deep knowledge of local and Irish diaspora talent, with our global search capability. We work with our partners in the key talent hubs of London, Brussels, US, Singapore and Sydney to bring you talent that is diverse, inspiring and drawn from a global stage.

We are responsive and flexible in our approach and services. Bespoke solutions include retained search, international market mapping and talent benchmarking.

The result? The best of Irish and global talent, to innovate, shape and drive your success.

Alternatives Elect Talent Expertise

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Alternatives are market leaders in marketing, digital, data, strategy and customer-centric talent solutions, a market we have successfully delivered in for over 17 years.

Our executive search team truly understand this rapidly evolving and converging space and have an incredibly strong track record in collaborating with clients to find transformative leadership talent.

And we’ve delivered by taking a fresh, alternative approach. We have designed a bespoke research model, with commercially remunerated partners in LondonBrussels, USA, Sydney and Singapore. They are led by our Dublin based executive search team, to access the best of Irish, diaspora and global leadership talent from markets that may be further along the transformation journey.

We are creative and lateral in our thinking, ensuring our searches are far from ordinary and provide real food for thought. Our expertise means we can input with value-from challenging and shaping the brief, through to assessment, to the final perfect fit. We are flexible and collaborative throughout the full executive search process.

Given the rapid pace of change in this area, many clients prefer us to map the market initially to explore and understand the talent landscape and possibilities. Some use this market mapping as the first stage in the executive search process and proceed to full search. Others use it to broaden and form their own thinking and to benchmark against their own internal talent. We are open and flexible and will work collaboratively to find the solution that best works for them.

If you are looking for the best of Irish and global talent, to innovate, shape and drive your success, we can help.