Global Executive Search

Alternatives Elect is the executive search arm of the award winning Alternatives Group. We build senior leadership teams, drawn from the best of Irish and global talent, in the rapidly evolving and converging areas of marketing, digital, data, analytics, product, innovation and strategy.


Leaders who innovate, shape and drive success

We have a strong track record in finding leaders who embrace disruption, devise new customer centric strategies, deliver insight through data, innovate, open new markets, bring fresh thinking and ultimately build successful brands & businesses. We go from Ireland to the ends of the earth to find the best of Irish, diaspora and global talent, to innovate, shape and drive your success.

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Global & Local Talent

We combine our deep knowledge of local and Irish diaspora talent, with our global search capability. Our Dublin based team work with our partners in the key talent hubs of London, Brussels, US, Singapore and Sydney to bring you exciting and fresh talent that is diverse, inspiring and drawn from a global stage.

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Responsive and Flexible

We are responsive and flexible in our approach and services. Bespoke solutions include retained search, international market mapping, Interim Management and talent benchmarking.

Our Approach

e•lect (-l kt)

Adj. Chosen deliberately; singled out.
N: Of a person- chosen or singled out.
Chosen for a position but not yet in office.
the chosen, the select, the favoured;
future, -to-be, soon-to-be, designate,
chosen, elected, coming, next