Our client is a leading Irish financial services firm looking to hire a Group Head of Customer Experience, a new role in their structure. Before making a hire the firm was keen to understand how different industries covered Customer Experience and whether the skill set was transferable to the financial services. The situation was complicated by the presence of a strong internal candidate and dearth of talent available in the local market. We were retained to conduct a Market Mapping project, approaching over 50 people from a global talent pool across six sectors and short listing seven candidates. The process gave our client comfort that the internal candidate was the best available option whilst avoiding a potentially time consuming interview process.


We conducted a strategic and customised search to develop facts and information necessary to target and attract fresh, passive talent to the client.


We carried out an exhaustive investigation of the local marketplace by validating contact and competitor information and identifying specific candidates. We used online social media, reference directories, industrial and academic library sources and the Alternatives database of screened senior marketing and commercial candidates, built up over the last 14 years.


In addition to this, we drew on our own experience, our extensive business networks and referrals from professional organisations and the business community, to create a comprehensive target list.


Following in-depth interview and assessment (using our unique ELECT approach to candidate assessment) a select number of candidates were presented, and following first and second round interviews a preferred, local candidate was identified and offered the position.