Rhona Murphy V4Principal Consultant, Executive Leadership & Business Transformation.

Rhona Murphy is a proven leader with over 25 years of experience building strong businesses. Particular areas of strength include strong commercial skills, creative innovation in product development and revenue models, assisting in talent recognition and retention, helping lead cross functional teams, contract negotiation – and overall management and strategic advice driving growth in a climate of change and disruption.

A native of Dublin, she spent almost 20 years working in New York and also lived and worked in London and Singapore. She moved back to Dublin in late 2014 and started her senior level consultancy work.

Rhona was the CEO of The Daily Beast, based in New York, until August 2014. During this time, she successfully restructured the organization and separated The Daily Beast from its merger with Newsweek, which she helped to sell to another company. She then led the re-positioning of The Daily Beast as a Digital First news organization aimed at a Generation X & Y readership. It is now one of the fastest growing news sites in the US.

Prior to this role, she was the Publisher and Managing Director of Newsweek International, whom she joined in 2002. She was responsible for Newsweek’s multiple editions in Asia, Europe and Latin America, and transitioned the complex global organization from a print led to a digital led organization, and lead through two major sales of the company. Before Newsweek, she worked for Dow Jones and was their International Managing Director for North American sales based in New York and their Sales & Marketing Director for SE Asia based in Singapore. Rhona started her career at The Times and Sunday Times  and lived in London for five years. She is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin.