Our client, a leading Irish financial services firm, wanted to gain a comprehensive understanding of the available leadership talent pipeline in the specialised area of propositions and propositions development. This senior leadership position would ultimately have responsibility for a multi-billion euro revenue business.


Propositions is a function that has emerged from within the telecoms sector in recent years, and has since expanded to other parts of the financial services and utilities. Our expertise and track record in this area means that we will be able to navigate this complex landscape to identify the innovative players who own propositions and who have really had an impact.

Alternatives Elect’s Market Map contained the profiles of 86 professionals (with 20 priority professionals highlighted) across 12 industries, providing the firm with a comprehensive overview of the experience and track record of the leadership talent available in this space. The information provided through this exercise is currently being leveraged in the development of a new organisational structure with the client able to make informed decisions based on the information we provided.