John Egan V2Principal Consultant, Public Affairs, Stakeholder Engagement & Reputation Management

John’s expertise is in helping businesses to identify reputational issues and manage situations which have the potential to undermine operational performance and continuity and to act as a guide to company leaders as they develop winning strategies that deliver benefits to all their key stakeholder groups.

As a former broadcast journalist with 20 years experience in with RTE and BBC News , John is adept at providing clear and objective external perspectives to leadership teams. Having subsequently worked as a in-house communications professional for two of the world’s leading brands, Shell and Barclays, John is skilled at assessing and analysing diverse information sources and conflicting perspectives and summarising them into coherent and compelling narratives which can then be deployed to deliver the business strategy and achieve agreed goals.

As company director for a strategically significant infrastructural development in Ireland, John has worked closely with the full spectrum of stakeholder audiences including government, elected public representatives & community leaders, local, national and international media and diverse NGOs, to manage complex and sometimes divisive issues. He developed communications and engagement strategies that rebuilt trust and restored reputation. He has first hand experience of:

  • Managing media relations through times of crisis and calm
  • Designing inclusive stakeholder engagement programmes
  • Developing transparent and sustainable community investment initiatives
  • Achieving widespread and voiced community support
  • Implementing local content strategies that minimise impacts and maximise benefits

During a period of transformational change in the financial services sector globally, John built from scratch, an editorial centre of excellence within a FT100 company, so as to enable leading edge internal communications which empowered the business to communicate its strategic objectives and embed new cultural and behavioural norms among its 90,000 strong UK workforce.