Fortune Top 50 Leaders: The Why

Fortune just published a list of the top 50 leaders. At the top of the list was Pope Francis. An excerpt about the Pope: “His hardest work lies ahead. And yet signs of a ‘Francis effect’ abound: In a poll in March, one in four Catholics said they’d increased their charitable giving to the poor […]

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8 Traps Successful Leaders Must Avoid

When an organization is performing well, investments in talent and innovation should be at full-throttle. As recent history has shown, companies tend to get complacent when they are on top, instead of sustaining their momentum through strategic focus. Great leaders know how to keep momentum alive by leveraging their distinct competitive advantages.   They remain hungry in […]

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Moving mind-sets on gender diversity: McKinsey Global Survey results

To ensure that corporate culture supports—not hinders—the ability of women to reach top management, companies must address mind-sets and develop a more inclusive, holistic diversity agenda. Female executives are ambitious and sure of their own abilities to become top managers, though they are much less confident that their companies’ cultures can support their rise. In […]

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