Alternatives & MII Salary, Sentiment and Insights Survey- Key Findings amongst Directors

Alternatives & MII Salary, Sentiment and Insights Survey- Key Findings- Directors & Head of Levelalternatives-colour-logo-jpeg

One third of our survey respondents (of a total of 1,200 respondents) this year were at Director or Head of level. They are the most senior respondents in career terms and have significant people and budget responsibility. 58% were female respondents (vs 56% last year), 42% male, demonstrating the ongoing representation of females at the most senior level in the industry.

Key Findings

  • Salaries typically fall in the €110,000 to €200,000 range for top Directors and €65,000 to €110,000 for Heads of. 64% have had some level of salary increase last year, 30% have not.
  • Key roles at Director level include CMO/Marketing Directors, MD’s or Country Managers, Commercial Directors, Account Directors and Product Directors. Key roles at Head of level include Head of Marketing, Head of Digital, Head of Brand and Head of Insights.
  • The market for senior professionals seems more stable now and 91% at this level are in permanent roles, up on last year when 85% were on permanent contracts. 5% are on fixed term contracts or contracting and 5% are consulting. 40% have contracted or freelanced previously vs a market average of 33%.
  • Benefits are slightly up across the board on those recorded last year. In addition to the now standard mobile phone (86%), 72% get bonuses. 62% get contributory pensions; 49% get healthcare, 44% get a car allowance or a car and 28% get share options. Of those on bonuses, 18% get up to 10% of salary, an additional 30% get up to 20%, 16% up to 30% and 19% can get 40% or more.
  • Remote working is available as a benefit to 57% of respondents and 46% have flexible hours. 37% of respondents at this senior level get 20- 24 days annual leave, 50% get 25-29 days and 8% get 30-34 days, similar to last year.
  • In terms of security and engagement, senior professionals seem more secure yet somewhat less engaged than last year. 74% feel secure or very secure in their current role, up from last year (68%) and are more secure than the levels below them. They are also the most engaged of all respondents, 63% rating their personal engagement at 7/10 or above, vs an average of just 56%. Very few are actively disengaged.
  • However, this engagement level continues to decline and is down from 66% last year and 85% just three years ago. The top factors that engage senior professionals beyond salary, is as previous years, a meaningful role, a great boss and colleagues and career progression opportunities. The ability to work remotely is now in the top 5 criteria for this level.
  • 68% would recommend their employer to a friend vs the survey average of 58%. That said, they again remain open to new opportunities, with 52% expecting to remain with their current company for up to 2 years only, up on 43% last year.
  • 40% see their future career in marketing. 37% see their future in general management (up from 28% last year, but similar to 2 years ago), 7% in other senior customer centric roles and 6% in commercial.
  • As might be expected, being so close to the P&L and business strategy, respondents at this level are significantly more concerned about future trading conditions and the impact of Brexit than those at other levels.

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