2018 Alternatives & Marketing Institute of Ireland Salary, Market Insights & Sentiment Survey

The 2018 Alternatives & Marketing Institute of Ireland Salary, Market Insights & Sentiment Survey is out, providing a unique insight into Ireland’s Marketing industry. Now in its fifth year and with almost 1,200 respondents from the marketing, digital and customer community, it takes an in-depth look at differences by company sector, size, career level, gender and other factors including Brexit and Marketing spend.

The 8 key findings: 

1. Overall, respondents were well remunerated ranging from support level at an average of €30,000 base salary to Directors at an average of €123,000. ​

2. On the gender front, male respondents in general are better paid, receive more non-salary benefits, feel more secure and are more engaged.

3. Males get more benefits than women across almost all benefit categories.

4. Market sentiment continues to be positive, but Brexit is looming and many sectors are anticipating its potential negative impact.

5. The gig economy is alive and kicking in marketing.

6. Resources are relatively tight with the majority of companies having marketing teams of 10 or less and budgets of €1m or less.

7. Asked how Marketing and its role within an organisation is viewed, 64% of respondents said it was perceived as a strategic, revenue generating partner.

8. Engagement is a big issue, at all levels (despite more people being secure in their roles), but particularly at more junior levels and amongst females.

For further information on this survey, and for more detail on senior level roles and sentiment amongst directors, please contact Sandra Lawler or email hello@alternativeselect.ie