2017 Alternatives & MII Salary & Market Insights Survey

Completed by 1,200 practitioners, the 2017 Alternatives & Marketing Institute Salary & Market Insights Survey once again provides you with key insights into our community.  This, the largest survey conducted for our industry, is now THE ‘go to’ guide for marketing, digital and now data professionals.


We thought you would be interested in the following key findings from this survey and that the comprehensive report is now ready for you to download.


  • 61% of all respondents received an increase in salary (up from 56% in 2016)
    • No significant increases to average salaries, except for Data talent.
  • Highest average salaries according to respondents are
    • Tech/IT sector:    Commercial Directors €175k
    • Retail sector:  Chief Marketing Officer €162k / Commercial Director €145k
    • Financial Services sector:  Corporate Affairs Director €165k / Business Intelligence Director €190k  / Marketing Director €182k
    • Telco sector:  Segment Head €178k / Head of Product €125k
    • FMCG sector – Marketing Director €150k
    • Utilities sector – Commercial Director €155k
  • The Evolving Role of Marketing
    • 43% see marketing as a ‘strategic function with a voice on the board’ – same as 2015, down from 45% in 2016
    • However significant impact on key organisation strategy when they do have Voice on the Board – a wake up call for Marketing Leaders
    • 59% of all respondents believe that responsibility for Digital lies within the marketing functions
    • 36% replied that this was the case for Data Analytics)
  • The gender pay gap narrows but disparity continues
    • Female respondents got lower salary increases than males – 42% got 5% or less vs. 36% males
    • 61% of men got a bonus vs. 51% of their female counterparts
    • Only 4 of the key roles do females earn more than males vs. 14 of the key roles where men earn more than women
  • Most commonly reported roles where women lead men on average salary are
    • Account Executive (17% gap – female €32k vs. male €28k)
    • Marketing Manager (13% gap- female €65vs. male €58k)
  • Talent “Time Bomb” as marketers move
    • Majority of marketers are giving themselves a two-year deadline before moving jobs.   43% of those at the level of Heads Of / Director, 60% of managers and mid-level managers and 57% of early to mid-stage career practitioners.
    • That level of employee movement will be highly disruptive if not planned for now.
  • Marketing Budgets for 17/18 are in line with current market trends with 50% of respondents expecting no change
    • Marketing Team size is slightly on the increase
  • Engagement levels are down year on year creating the need for meaningful employer branding strategies
    • 59% at 7 out of 10 or above at Support Level vs. 66% of Head of/Director level


Where are respondents are spending their marketing budget?

  • TV on the wane & drops from Top 5 to No.7
    • This reflects the dynamic changes in viewer behaviour and new routes to customers
  • Unsurprisingly, Digital / Online is the top spend in the marketing industry for 70% of respondents followed by ATL (Press, Radio and Outdoor) at 35%, and Events also at 35%
  • Half of those with €1 million plus marketing budgets will spend 11-30% on Digital while 10% will spend 50% (or more) on Digital.


If you have any questions about the survey or wish to discuss any specific aspects please do get in touch.